I'm so excited you're here...

My style is all about being in the moment. I strive for movement, emotion, and connection. I'm all about making you feel comfortable, at ease, and showing you and your uniqueness. I shoot and edit based on emotion and how the moments feels. I always want to showcase your memories in the way that best fits how it felt, so that won't be the same as someone else's.

my style

my goal

I want you to feel like you know me, because that's when the connection and those relaxed moments shine through. So lets be friends! I really do care about telling your story, I care about documenting you and your life as it is right now. Whether that's as a newly engaged couple, saying I do, or with a baby or two on your hip. 

Being and enneagram 4 I love uniqueness, I love out of the box ideas, I love breaking the mold. I want these photos to be meaningful to you! Do you all love fishing? Lets go out and fish, I'll click, you fish, and maybe a cute snuggly picnic for the two of you. Or how about a night on the town for your reception? Grab everyone and brewery hop. Basically I just want to capture you and what makes you, you.  

Get in touch

I'm here to help you! Need help with styling, wedding/ elopement timeline, locations, and so on? I'm here for you, ask all the questions. I want any session or wedding with me to be as stress free as possible.

I want you to be down right happy dance happy that we get to work together, 

so are we the right fit?


Weddings are magical, they are outside from and protected from normal life. They are one in a million day, a day that should represent just the two of you. So do you, let me capture all the sweet little details and those big moments, and all the magic that happens.



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The Investment

Let's break the mold, lets create a day that's all about the two of you! You wanna go hiking, lace up those boots. Maybe explore a new country, my bags are packed. Want to have pizza, beer and a movie under the stars, let's do it! You want to have a spa day before saying I do, here's your robe. Or hey, lets do it all. Seriously lets makes this day about you.


Couples, families, maternity, just because, this is for you! Lets capture you together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are based out of? Do you Travel?

I'm based out of Albuquerque, NM and I'm born and raised here in NM, so if you need location ideas I'm your girl! New Mexico is so diverse, from deserts, forest, mountains, and unique rock formations, we've got it all.  YES, I travel! Ive got my passport, so lets go anywhere and explore.

How many images do you include? 

Trust me, you'll receive plenty of images! I don't believe in withholding any images. These are your memories and each moment is so special and my goal is to always provide you with all the images that perfectly capture that moment.

What if there is bad weather?

I whole heartedly love to embrace everything, even weather. The wind will give you epic moment and drama, snow... I mean how dreamy, and rain can be so romantic. But if its too bad or you're not comfortable we will can definitely reschedule. 

What happens if you can't make it to our wedding or elopement?

If this for some reason happens (act of god, death, illness, or so on) I would do my best to find a replacement that I wholeheartedly trust and if that wasn't possible, your money would be refunded. Also I am in communication with you at all times and you would be the first to know if anything were to come up.

Payment schedule?

I require 20% down at the time of signing the contract. The remainder is due a week before the wedding and payments can be split up to help make it more affordable.

Do you give out unedited photos?

No, I do not give out unedited photos, I will edit everything that meets my standards both in quality and creatively to tell your story. Plus editing is really where my art comes to life. I paint each image to evoke the feeling of the moment. 

What should we wear to our photoshoot?

I have a guide that I will send out once you're booked and I also help style you and your shoot.